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Course categories

Institute of Arts and Sciences1

Information Technology1

Introduction to Visual Basic .Net1

Database Management System3

Introduction to C Programming2

Computer Concepts, Computers and Society 26

E-Commerce and Web 4

Educational Technology 22

Fundamentals in Computing26

Current Trends3

Fundamentals of Programming22

E-Commerce and Internet Marketing9

MIS for Hospitality Industry13

Graphics Design7

Advanced Visual Basic.Net2

Data Structures Using C Language4

System Analysis and Design5

Web Site Development2

Computer Graphics2

Management Information System3

Introduction to Computer Technology3

Internet / Web Design2

Introduction to JAVA3

Software Devlopment3

Educational Technology 13

1st Preliminary Period Departmental Examinations6


Political Science

Introduction to International Relations1

Medical Technology


Immunology and Serology1


International Studies2

Applied Mathematics

Integral Calculus1

Analytic Geometry w/ Calculus1

Plane Trigonometry4

Differential Calculus1

College Algebra7

Analytic Geometry1

Business Mathematics3

College Statistics4

General Physics 12

Discrete Mathematics1

Basic Statistics and Probability2

College Algebra 22

Math Analysis 11

Business Statistics3

Advance Statistics in Psychology1

Mass Communication

Information and Communication Technology1



Microbiology and Parasitology1

Biological Science2

Natural Science 11

Environmental Science1

Bio Chemistry2

Organic Chemistry2

General Inorganic Chemistry2

Analytical Chemistry2


General Psychology1

Research in Psychology1

Experimental Psychology1

Sikolohiyang Pilipino1


Humanities 12


Life and Works of Rizal1

Introduction to Philosophy1

Peace Education1

Philosophy 2 Ethics1

Philophy 3 Philosophy of the Human Person1

Mathematics Society3
Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance


Mathematics of Investments1

Financial Accounting and Reporting 11

Business Administration

Tourism Business Project1

International Business1

Development of an Enterprise1

Business Ethics1

Human Behavior in the Organization1

Principles of Management1

Personality Development1

Production & Operation Management1

Principles in Marketing1

Financial Management1

Management 11

Materials in Management1

Business Communication1

Total Quality Management3

Business Economics1

Marketing Management1

Master in Business Administration9

Information Technology_MAKATI

ICT Fundamentals2

Introduction to Programming

Advance Programming1

Introduction to Graphics Design1

Object Oriented Programming1

Computer Organization with Algorithm

Computer Hardware Fundamentals

Database Management System 1

Multimedia 11

Database Management System 2

Information Systems and Business Processes

Multimedia 21

Network Fundamentals

Operating Systems 1

Professional Ethics2

Systems Analysis and Design2

E - Commerce

IT Elective 1

IT Elective 2

Management Information Systems1

Project Management

Software Engineering

Application Project - Pre Internship


IT Elective 3

IT Elective 4

Software Development

Technopreneurship and ICT Trends1
Institute of Education1

Graduate Studies

Doctor of Education (Major in Educational Administration)5

Comparative Education1

Legal Issues in Education1

Physical Education

Principles and Methods of Fitness and Athletic Training1

Physical Education 25


Physical Education 41

General Education

Principles of Economics with Taxation Agrarian Reform1
Institute of Nursing4

Nursing Informatics Lab44
Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management

Tourism Management1

Hotel and Restaurant Management1

Principles of Food Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation2

Culinary Arts and Sciences2
Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts


History of Architecture 1 2

History of Architecture 21

Theory of Architecture 21
Office of Community Extension Services

National Service Training Program 1 (NSTP 1)28

National Service Training Program 2 (NSTP 2)2

Educational Technology Center4
National Service Training Program2

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